• Team Dover firefighter serves country, community

    Serving both his country and his community, Tech. Sgt. Scott Morisette, a firefighter with the Dover AFB Fire Department, also volunteers his off time as a volunteer firefighter in his local community. This gives him two reasons to be thanked for his service.

  • French NATO linguist visits the 512th Airflift Wing

    Air Force Maj. Amy Wilkins, a reservist assigned to the 512th Airlift Wing, reconnected with her Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officer Language Academy instructor Sept. 7, 2017, at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

  • Reserve doctor leads medical humanitarian mission

    Air Force Lt. Col. Dan Naumann, a 512th Airlift Wing physician, had 24 hours to travel from a civilian medical mission in Malawi, Africa, leap into ABUs and arrive in the Smoky Mountains for Innovative Readiness Training July 31. His word above all to describe the quick transition was - different.

  • Undercover boss turned ISO Dock mom

    Throughout 2016, Team Dover’s Isochronal Inspection Dock was in the midst of a leadership turnover. They heard they were getting a new commander, and that commander would be a woman.

  • Dolphins deploy with Rainier Wing

    The 446th Airlift 'Rainier' Wing transported four dolphins from the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP) from San Diego to Key West, Florida.

  • “Pros from Dover” rewrite Red Flag’s playbook

    "There's no shame in getting sick," Maj. Christian Fiore said with a smile during an unofficial pre-flight briefing, May 3 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. "Just use those little bags that we give you and keep on." The 326th Airlift Squadron pilot from Dover Air Force Base, Del., was joined by fellow

  • USO provides leisure, volunteer opportunities for junior enlisted reservists

    (This is 2 of 3 stories in a series of on-base resources available to junior enlisted members.)During his shift, volunteer John Guy sits at a welcome desk where he greets visitors and their families. With a smile, he asks for valid forms of military identification and then gestures for them write

  • The fight of her life: Reservist's wife battles MS with mixed martial arts

    Dawn Fiore has been studying martial arts for 17 years, but it was only last year she went public about her toughest opponent - - multiple sclerosis. The wife of Maj. Christian Fiore, a Reserve C-17 pilot assigned to the 326th Airlift Squadron at Dover Air Force Base, Del., was diagnosed with MS in

  • Reservist volunteers repeatedly for honorable duty

    Senior Airman Joshua Fernandez is a pretty familiar face around the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs. He's a reservist assigned to the 512th Memorial Affairs Squadron here and has deployed three times in the last three years to work at Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations. "I've done a

  • Wing combats identity theft

    Would you hand over your social security number to a stranger? How about posting your bank account information on an insecure website?These scenarios may sound ridiculous, but breaches in the security of personally identifiable information and Privacy Act information are occurring throughout the Air