The 512th Military and Family Readiness Center hosted the Back-to-School Brigade at the USO Community Center, Dover Air Force Base, Del., Aug. 7, 2022. Reserve Citizen Airmen received donated backpacks and supplies for their families' upcoming school year.


512th Military & Family Readiness

The mission of Military & Family Readiness is to provide targeted services contributing to readiness, resiliency, and the well-being of the Air Force community.  Collaboration with on/off base agencies help to promote positive outcomes for service members and their families.

Programs include deployment support, personal financial readiness, employment assistance, crisis support, transition assistance, relocation, personal work life, voting assistance, and information and referral.       

Personal & Work Life

Provides a wide range of prevention and enrichment services designed to strengthen the resilience of individuals and families. Programs offered will assist families in meeting the challenges throughout the various stages of the family life cycle. Classes offered in conjunction with other base agencies.

  • Parenting Classes
  • Stress Management
  • Family Care Caregiver Information
  • Balancing Work, Self & Family

Deployment Support

 Pre-Deployment Support

To alleviate stress and anxiety by educating and providing tools and resource materials to service members and their families prior to their deployment.


Families are informed of available resources and services.  Key Spouse volunteers maintain contact with family members during the deployment to ensure opportunities for social networking and peer support are available.


Prepares families to have realistic expectations upon the members return. Also coordinates with various base/community agencies to provide an overview of services and reintegration support.

 Deployment Childcare

Families are now entitled to 16 hours pre-deployment, 16 hours each month during deployment, and 16 hours of post-deployment care per child. In order to qualify, Airmen must be on active duty or active status as a member of the AirForce Reserve or National Guard; assigned to or working on the installation; deployed in support of a contingency operation; and deployed for a minimum of30 calendar days or routinely deployed on a short-term basis (30 days in a six-month period). Orders must be presented when applying for care. Please contact Ms. Alice Santo at 302-677-3716 for more information.

Personal Financial Readiness

 What we offer

Education, information and financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness. Topics include budgeting, debt management, investing and purchasing decisions. Personal financial counselors offer education, information and financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness.

 Daily Money Management

It's not the monthly budget that doesn't work, it's the daily expenditures. Learn new techniques to handle the cash, debit cards, credit cards and the loose change.

 Debt Reduction

Learn how to be in control of your debts instead of having your debts control you.

 Thrift Savings Plan

Making the decision for a better retirement and learn how to make it great through varied investment options.

Key Spouse Program


To ensure the well being of family and friends of deployed reservists by providing information, communication and resources.

 Contact Us

Email us at

 About the Key Spouse Program

A Commander’s program intended to enhance unit family and personal readiness.  The role of the KS is designed to complement a unit’s mission, resilience, and assist in establishing a sense of community by providing peer to peer support to unit members and families.  Training is obtained through M&FR or online.  Key Spouse activities are driven by Squadron Commanders and Group KS Mentors. 

crisis support

Promote short and long-term recovery, and the return to a stable environment and mission ready status following an all-hazard incident or evacuation.

Military & Family Life Counselor

Military & Family Life Consultants provide free short term, situational, solution-based counseling services to service members and their families. MFLC services augment existing military support services. All consultants are Masters or PhD level, licensed clinical counselors. MFLC’s work with families, individuals, couples and children to provide non-medical counseling services. They also offer training and relationship building courses. To talk with an Adult MFLC or make an appointment, call 302-922-7282, 302-898-4126, or 302-310-9004.  To reach a Youth MFLC please call 302-272-3556 or 302-287-0948

For information on other programming, please call us at 302-677-3566.


512th Military & Family Readiness 

846 Sumner Dr.
Dover AFB, DE 19901

The 512th M&FR is co-located with the 436th M&FRC office on the housing side of base by the Golf Course.

Hours of Operation:
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
UTA: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sat & Sun)


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