• Growth through struggle

    Perhaps one of the most profound and common life experiences we’ll all share throughout our lives is that of struggle. Hardships often kick down the door of our lives quite unexpectedly and enter in the form of a sudden loss of a family member, diagnosis of a debilitating or life-threatening disease, divorce, job loss, financial devastation or a wide array of other life derailments. Many times, it’s simply the small strains that pile up to become the chains that bind us. Such difficulties happen regardless of the position one may hold, the rank a person has achieved, the money in our bank account, or the material objects we may have long believed define a meaningful life. Billionaires are not immune to daily relationship struggles with family members, nor are the most accomplished members of society free from the greatest of life’s disappointments. The paradox however, is that a life without struggle is much like a gym without weights. Throughout history people have emerged from horrific experiences to ultimately learn that meaning can in fact be derived from incredible difficulty, and ignite growth that transforms us into the beacons of light for others to follow.
  • Preparing for the unknown

    The phrase “Full Spectrum Readiness” has been identified as a priority by our senior leadership extensively this last year…but what does it really mean? I don’t think there is a perfect definition because it depends on a variety of factors in an ever-evolving and complex global environment. As I understand it, Full Spectrum Readiness is a new way of thinking about an enemy and preparing for a different kind of conflict than what we have done for the past three decades. Conflicts of the future may see America facing off against an equal fighting force with the ability to strike us in a way we have not seen since World War II. This requires us to think about training, tactics and procedures in a whole new way; and it requires us to practice so it becomes second nature.
  • Teamwork maximizes Team Dover’s capabilities

    As Airmen, we are part of a group of professionals who have answered a higher calling to serve freely in defense of our Constitution. Every branch of service and component all serve proudly, embracing diversity, and we are bonded by our mutual respect for each other. With these principles at the core of our DNA, we often adopt catchy slogans to further define or motivate us. Here at Dover Air Force Base, we use “Team Dover” to highlight our total force efforts, but do we really maximize strategic planning and execution capacity in all facets of our mission to deliver rapid global mobility? Do we take into account what our fellow teammates bring to the fight?
  • A Message from the 512th AMDS Dental Clinic on HPV and Oral Cancer

    February is Dental Oral Health Month. Although oral health is always important, we would like to take this opportunity to spread awareness of an increasing prevalence of Oral Pharyngeal Cancer linked to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Many people are aware that alcohol and smoking increase your risk of developing oral cancer, however more recent
  • The 512th Airlift Wing aircrew reunion

    In an event long overdue, former and current members of the 512th Airlift Wing joined together for two days of celebration at Dover Downs and at the Air Mobility Command Museum. Three hundred participants, traveling from across the States, converged in Dover for the wing’s first ever reunion. They shared stories and the excitement of having been a
  • In the bullpen: Travel vouchers and the Defense Travel System

    Public Affairs note:A member of the 512th Airlift Wing asked a question regarding the Defense Travel System and what we can do at the wing level to address the issue. The question has been edited to ensure privacy, while maintaining the original intent. To submit your own question to the commander, please send a an email to the Commander's Action
  • Swimsuit season time

    Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and that means beaches, pools and swimsuits; yet most people hate swimsuit shopping. Do you know why? The answer is because we are fat. The 2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey stated that two in three adult Americans and one in three American children and adolescents are considered either
  • April 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    In late January, the Air Force launched a new program that offers a Special Victims' Counsel (composed of) qualified judge advocates (who) represent sexual assault victims. This month is a perfect time to highlight this important new support tool for victims of sexual assault as April marks the Department of Defense's 9th annual Sexual Assault
  • No ifs, ands or buts

    Today's Air Force Reserve remains an integral part of America's fighting capability at all levels. From a tactical perspective, we know that citizen Airmen provide technical expertise, corporate knowledge and specific experience not usually employed by our active-duty counterparts. Operationally, Reserve units routinely deliver crews and aircraft
  • Serve something greater than yourself: America

    The profession of arms is a calling to serve something greater than yourself, which means living the core values and embodying the Airman's Creed every day, whether you are on or off duty. These core standards of conduct guide us through difficult challenges in the environment in which we live and work. We Airmen affirmed this commitment of service