Renaissance Airmen: 512th MAS Airmen jacks of all trades "providing rest and relaxation"

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle
  • 512th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
(Editor's note: Reservists of the 512th Memorial Affairs Squadron are well-versed in all parts of the services career field while making top-notch customer service a priority. Follow along as this series showcases the spectrum of duties performed by members of the 512th MAS. This article on lodging is part four of a four-part series on the services career field.)

Imagine finishing a hectic 8-12-hour work shift on the Saturday of a Reserve weekend, then make a three-plus-hour commute home, just so you can make the same commute back to work Sunday morning and repeat the previous day's cycle with minimal rest.

Not only are the lodging specialists with the 512th Memorial Affairs Squadron here trained to prevent scenarios like these from occurring, they also make sure Airmen have comfortable lodging experiences.

"We provide (Airmen) with a home away from home and the security of having a place to rest and be comfortable at the end of the day," said Tech. Sgt. Tracey Taylor, 512th MAS lodging supervisor. "We also make sure they're properly checked into and out of their rooms."

Sergeant Taylor's job doesn't stop when base lodging gets full. Lodging specialists are also required to make sure guests are able to stay in an off-base government-contracted commercial hotel when lodging on base is not an option.

Specialists like Sergeant Taylor realize how heavily the mission would be impacted if the lodging function was taken out of the equation completely.

"If you took away lodging capabilities and customer service, then everybody would have inadequate sleeping arrangements like cots and tents," said the sergeant who has been with the 512th MAS since 2004. "People won't be able to function without adequate rest."

Simply providing a place to stay isn't the only reason Sergeant Taylor likes her job. Customer service is her main concern when she works behind the lodging desk.

"I chose services because I enjoy helping people," she said. "My satisfaction comes from customer satisfaction. If a customer walks away unhappy, then I have failed."

Senior Airman Lisibeth Payano, 512th MAS, lodging specialist and troop of Sergeant Taylor, shares her supervisor's priority.

"I like to provide for people," said Airman Payano. "Services is about customer service and that's why I picked this job."

According to Airman Payano, Sergeant Taylor has been a good influence on improving her skills as a lodging specialist.

"She took me under her wing when I was assigned to her," she said, "I've been in the unit for three years and (lodging) is where I've always worked. My experience in lodging with my coworkers and customers has been great."

When Airmen like Sergeant Taylor and Airman Payano work in the lodging office, guests can be certain they will receive quality customer service for their lodging arrangements.