Defining Team Dover

  • Published
  • By Col. Randal L. Bright
  • 512th Airlift Wing commander
Almost everywhere we turn on base, and in our community, we hear the term, "Team Dover." 

I define "Team Dover" as all of us - active, Reserve, civilian, government contractors and our community, coming together, regardless of their job, to move the mission forward. 

It goes without saying, that one vital aspect of that team is our families. As the 512th Airlift Wing commander, my Airmen's families are as important to me as my Airmen. Our families provide the means and support that allows us to accomplish the mission. 

Imagine trying to do your job while you're worried about what is happening at home. Regardless of where we are serving, it's hard not to worry about our families when we are away. It is easier to concentrate on the task at hand knowing our families are handling our responsibilities at home. Please take the time to thank them for their support because they are an integral part of our team. 

Also, being part of a team doesn't mean everyone gets to be the quarterback or the starting pitcher. To make the team successful, all members must do their part. Team Dover has demonstrated quite well that we all know our individual roles and how to successfully work together. Two significant events are proof of this; our Installation Excellence award, and the Excellent rating we received on the Operational Readiness Inspection in 2008. 

Another key component to the teamwork equation is great working relationships. Speaking from experience, Dover has the best relationship between the regular and Reserve forces in our Air Force. This allows the 512th Airlift Wing to be an unrivalled wingman to the 436th Airlift Wing when called upon, exemplifying the Total Force concept. It takes all of us to continue the great tradition Dover has made for itself and to increase our expectations of what we can accomplish as a team. 

Friday, in light of the Total Force and Team Dover, we are proud to welcome, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, the Honorable Craig W. Duehring. Secretary Duehring, a 28-year Air Force veteran, is responsible for providing supervision of manpower, military and civilian personnel, Reserve component affairs and readiness support for the Air Force. During his visit, Secretary Duehring is allowing you to take ownership of your Air Force by providing him with the information he needs to maintain and enhance the Total Force. This is your opportunity to talk about issues that are important to you. 

Again, thank you for the service you provide to our nation; and, I am honored to be a member of America's Preeminent Expeditionary Airlift Team.