Fit to Fight: Yes you can

  • Published
  • By Maj. Beth E. Bruker Walos
  • 512th Memorial Affairs Squadron commander
Whether it's to pass, maintain, score excellent or attain 100 percent, many are challenged by the Air Force's Fit to Fight standards. My advice as an exercise physiologist is to tell you to whip up your determination, and never give up on your goal. There are many ways for you to meet your fitness objective, but here are some basics to consider. Please remember, if you have specific health concerns, consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.

Review Air Force Instruction 36-2905, Fitness Program
It's important to start by locating the specific test criteria for your age and gender. Highlight the thresholds where the scores change between high risk to moderate risk, moderate risk to low risk, as well as criteria for scoring in the 100 percentile.

Prioritize daily schedules to include work-out time
If you're in an improvement mode, as opposed to maintaining your fitness level, be sure to exercise at least one hour, five to six times per week, in order to contribute to a successful fitness assessment. If your schedule is full, try to set your alarm clock one hour earlier. That extra hour can allow time for training before you start the work day.

Include specific training that targets evaluated areas
Train like you test. Include a run or walk, push-ups, sit-ups and abdominal circumference portion to your training routine. Be sure to incorporate resistance training along with forms of cardiovascular respiratory exercise. Also, be aware of your caloric intake while increasing duration and intensity of your cardio work-out to reach your abdominal circumference goal. Lastly, try increasing your water intake, and be sure to document the content of your work-outs.

Look for ways to enjoy work-outs
Talk to others who have faced challenges in their fitness but have passed or improved and find out what played a part in their achievement. Visit the Health and Wellness Center to review available fitness programs and classes, as well as tips in encouraging healthy weight loss. Get inspired by reading materials regarding fitness improvement.

Whatever your fitness goals are, remain positive and never give up. You'll have good and bad days, but always remember you can do it.