Taking charge of your career

  • Published
  • By Maj. Cathy Anderson
  • 512th Force Support Squadron commander
Are you prepared and being proactive in your career, or are you hoping the old saying "good things happen to those who wait" is true?

As an Air Force reservist with more than 20 years, I've seen folks miss great opportunities. As a traditional reservist years ago, I remember having to work hard to keep up with career development changes to ensure I knew what to do to get promoted or to apply for a new position.

As an Air Reserve Technician and a squadron commander now, I'm probably more aware than most reservists of the value of career paths, formal schools, temporary duties, career broadening and various other assignments in the AF Reserve.

Air Force Reserve Command has moved a lot of A1 career impacting programs online such as applications for developmental education, letters to officer promotion boards, duty history corrections, officer and enlisted performance reports etc.

Online applications can be challenging to work on from home without a smart card reader and the latest software, but it's important to find a way to do online applications from home or while on the road if needed, either with your Common Access Card or your user name and password.

AFRC/A1 applications can be found on the Air Reserve Personnel Center website at www.arpc.afrc.af.mil. There's also a Continuum of Service website, which provides information on part-time and full-time duty status'.

Go online and become familiar with A1 processes and applications, so you're prepared for your career progression. And, better yet, have someone brief online applications during squadron or group commander's call monthly, so your folks don't miss out.

Contact the Total Force Service Center at (800) 525-0102, or give the 512th Force Support Squadron a call if you have questions about online applications.