ARPC activates new retirement services initiative

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Laura Fitzmorris
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

The Air Reserve Personnel Center activated a new retirement services initiative on June 1, 2023, designed to assist Reserve Citizen Airmen with their transition into retirement.

Led by Col. Eddyth “Marlene” Cobb, Air Reserve Personnel Center Reserve Retirement Counseling Cell interim division chief, the RRCC aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure a seamless shift from military service to civilian life.

“The concept of the team is to assist members in making that life changing decision about retirement and make sure that they get consolidated information,” said Cobb. “From a member’s perspective, the information is out there but it’s behind 12 different clicks or behind a firewall, things like that. We came up with a team that could provide counseling to members so that they had the information necessary to make that life changinafg decision.”

One of the resources provided by the RRCC is answering individual member questions about military retirement, including estimated retirement pay, Reduced Retirement Pay Age, the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan and other retirement related issues.

"The capability and flexibility that the team can offer for the individual member is really what makes the RRCC unique,” said Chief Master Sgt. Landon Byron, RRCC counselor. "[The member] is going through a process once and, until recently, there hasn't been a standard way of the information being shared. We're able to walk them through their retirement process and hopefully make it easier for both the customer and the retirement section technicians. I'm glad we're finally in the position to make that happen.”

The most important thing, according to Cobb, is getting the information out there correctly and making sure the RRCC educates members on their own data while helping Airmen realize that everybody's situation is different.

“As a recently hired member of the RRCC, one thing I’ve already noticed are the ‘thank you’ messages we’re getting from members before we even get started,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jennifer “Jenn” Plummer, RRCC counselor. “We tackle the customers’ big ticket questions first, which really puts them at ease for the rest of the appointment. Once those questions have been answered, they can focus on learning other things they didn’t even realize they needed to know.”

Members were turning to unofficial social media pages to get their information, Cobb said, which wasn’t always consolidated or accurate. The RRCC has created an official Facebook page where they push facts and guides for members to reference. Additionally, the RRCC are booking appointments for one-on-one virtual counseling, which they encourage Airmen approaching retirement and their spouses to participate in. Members will receive personalized advice tailored to their unique circumstances via a virtual Microsoft Teams meeting. Those interested in signing up for a session will need access the to myFSS to participate in the appointment.

RRCC Contact Info:

1 (800) 682-1929

For more information about the RRCC, please visit the following article: