Memorial Day message

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  • Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs

Memorial Day not only marks the transition from Spring to Summer, but it is a day to remember those who fought and died in service to our country.

It is a time-honored practice in our great Nation marked by celebrations, remembrance ceremonies, parades, picnics and family gatherings across the country.

This year’s celebrations will look different in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. While some gatherings will be virtual, the Command Chief and I hope that you will have the opportunity to connect with those you love.

As you safely come together during this well-deserved break, please keep the true meaning of the holiday in mind.

For over 240 years, our Nation’s service members have protected our freedom and way of life. From its inception as Decoration Day in 1866 to honor the lives lost during the Civil War, to its formal recognition as Memorial Day in 1971, we stand as a nation to honor the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

Every generation since the beginning of our nation has answered the call to defend and preserve our liberties. Today, as an Air Force Reserve, we stand ready with our brothers and sisters in arms to provide combat power for the American people.

However, in light of the present environment, we ask that you remember those who are on the frontlines responding to COVID-19. Remember first responders, health care workers, essential workers and your fellow Reservists who are in harm’s way against an unforeseen enemy.

Command Chief White and I are impressed daily by your service, dedication, and resilience. We thank you and your families for your sacrifice. We are proud to serve alongside each and every one of you.

You make a difference. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay connected!

We wish you all a peaceful Memorial Day and an enjoyable long weekend.


TIMOTHY C. WHITE, JR.                                                   RICHARD W. SCOBEE
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF                                            Lieutenant General, USAF
Command Chief                                                                 Commander