From the commander: Liberty Wing update March 31

  • Published
  • By Col. Gregory P. Haynes, commander
  • 512th Airlift Wing


512th Family,

I want to thank you for doing your part in helping our nation prevent the spread of COVID-19. From teleworking and staying home to fixing and flying planes, our 512th Airlift Wing mission continues because you’re all doing your part.

On base, the 512th is still flying operational missions and maintaining our overall wing’s readiness. I’ve worked with your commanders, and we’ve begun identifying our wing’s mission essential positions, which readies our force for any future posturing. Please know if you’ve been directed to telework, that does not mean you are not mission essential. What you do for our wing is very important. It simply means you’re able to work from home and adhere to social distancing protocols, with an acknowledged potential for productivity challenges. However, right now our primary concern is for you and your family’s health and safety. Our commander in chief has extended the nationwide social distancing guidelines to April 30.

Another announcement, which came Friday, was the president’s executive order authorizing mobilization for the reserve components. This means our wing’s reservists, including Individual Ready Reserve members, could be asked to volunteer to activate for COVID-19 response. Involuntary mobilizations are also possible if the taskings exceed the volunteer pool. It’s likely medical specialties would be targeted, but we currently do not have any tasking for COVID-19 response. If you want to self-identify your availability to volunteer for a mobilization, please let your chain of command know. The core strength of our Air Force Reserve team is the diversity of our Citizen Airmen, each bringing a unique and vital skillset to augment the active component if needed.

As a reminder, this weekend would’ve been our normal UTA, but it’s now been modified to allow commanders to approve excusals, reschedules and telecommutes. Be sure to coordinate with your chain of command, and let them know if you’re in need of a Common Access Card reader.

When it comes to your actual CAC or military ID card, installations have been authorized to accept expired CACs, dependent and retiree ID cards as long as they expire Jan.1, 2020, or later. Higher headquarters is currently working on various work-arounds for systems and programs which are usually rendered inaccessible with an expired CAC, and we’ll share those as soon as we get them. That said, the 436th Force Support Squadron is currently still providing CAC renewal services by appointment only here on Dover Air Force Base. If needed, their contact information can be found on the 512th’s Teleworking Directory on our wing’s website. 

In closing, I realize the restrictions we’re all abiding by may cause some hardships for you, your family and your community. I encourage each and every one of you to lean on your 512th family for support and guidance during this challenging time.

- Col. Haynes