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Liberty Limelight: Tech. Sgt. Emily Bordonaro

Liberty Limelight: Tech. Sgt. Emily Bordonaro

This Liberty Limelight highlights Tech. Sgt. Emily Bordonaro, 512th Maintenance Squadron nondestructive inspections NCO in charge. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Damien Taylor)

Nondestructive inspection specialists are responsible for employing noninvasive methods to inspect the insides of metal objects. They identify possible defects in systems and equipment before anything can become a dangerous problem. Utilizing everything from x-rays to ultrasound, these experts find the smallest imperfections and take the corrective measures needed to keep equipment working safely.

For more information on the Nondestructive Inspection specialist career, please contact the Air Force Reserve recruiter for the 512th Airlift Wing at 302-677-6912.

For information about the Air Force Reserve, careers and benefits, visit www.afreserve.com.