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Video by Staff Sgt. Zachary Cacicia
May 8: A message from the command chief
512th Airlift Wing
May 8, 2020 | 2:49
Chief Master Sgt. Edward Ramirez, 512th Airlift Wing command chief, address the Liberty Wing in a video message May 8, 2020.

Reopening the base

Effective Monday, 18 May 2020,  Dover AFB is transitioning into PHASE-1 of our “Reopen the Base” plan.  We will graduate from “Significantly Reduced Manning” to just “Reduced Manning,” as defined by your unit commanders.  I am thankful for your continued strict adherence to social distancing, face covering requirements and hygiene measures, all of which have enabled local conditions that allow us to take this prudent step.  During PHASE-1, those who are deemed “at risk” or live with someone “at risk” will need to continue to telework.  In general, you will begin to see a few more people around base, as many who were exclusively teleworking will now be coming into work part of the time.  Most units will adopt or continue the practice of dividing their manpower into different teams or shifts.  The concept of “teaming” minimizes the number of potential exposures, as Airmen avoid contact with others from another team or shift.  

Before going further, let’s review the topics that are not changing in PHASE-1.  The following policies remain in place:

-             HPCON CHARLIE

-             Dover AFB Public Health Emergency

-             Shelter in Place Order

-             Travel Restrictions (including Dover’s Leave and Pass Policy)

-             Stop Movement

-             Suspension of Trusted Traveler program

-             Civilian Employees Weather and Safety Leave Self-Certification Guidelines

Good news.  For military members, PHASE-1 includes a limited reopening of our base fitness center and barbershop.  Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members will have access to the gym for one hour three times a week, and will sign up for a time slot using Appointments Plus at the following link:  The barbershop will offer services to active-duty members by appointment only and can be reached at (302) 734-1747. Patrons of both the gym and barbershop will be required to adhere to strict social distancing and wear face coverings, when appropriate.  See attached for additional information on elements of PHASE-1 and modifications of the existing Shelter in Place Order.

It is more important than ever as we transition into PHASE-1 that we all do our part to prevent a second wave of the pandemic from hitting our base community.  Gatherings will be limited to 10 people or fewer with strict physical distancing measures practiced.  Use of cloth face coverings are mandatory when physical distancing cannot be maintained, including the commissary, exchange, shoppette, MPF, finance, and medical clinic.  Enhanced workplace cleaning is also mandatory with emphasis on common use areas and equipment sanitation at the end of each use and shift.

As we take deliberate steps to reopen our base, I look forward to taking them together, one step at a time.  The ultimate goal is to fully reopen our base, striving to stay aligned with our state, preserving our fighting force, and being aware of our shared obligation to protect those most “at-risk”.


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A1. The 512th AW’s training assembly has been modified to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. April UTA options include excusal, rescheduling and telecommuting, which all must be coordinated through your chain of command. Details on UTA telecommuting can be found here

A2: Members can reschedule UTAs with the 512th AW until Aug. 31, 2020. Be advised, a member can only perform 16 training periods per quarter.

A3: Each situation is different. Check with your chain of command to see if you are eligible.

A4: All lodging reservations made through the Automated Lodging Reservation System for the April UTA have been automatically canceled. Any reservations made outside of the ALRS mobile phone app requires the member to cancel directly through Dover AFB billeting at 302-677-2841.

A5: Booking lodging for a RUTA is the responsibility of the member. If member plans to add the April RUTA to another scheduled UTA, they need to call the 512th Lodging point of contact at 302-677-2482.

A6: Currently, the May 14-17 UTA is scheduled as planned. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to update the wing as needed. Instant notifications such as UTA changes can be received via the Air Force Connect app, and having the 512th Airlift Wing selected as a favorite.

A7: Members who are due for their official fitness assessment in March will test in six months, September 2020. Members who are due for their official fitness assessment in April will test in six months, October 2020. Members who are due for their Official Fitness Assessment in May will test in six months, November 2020. Fitness assessments will resume June 1, 2020, unless further guidance is published. More details on AFRC fitness assessment guidance due to COVID-19 can be found at:

A8: Reservists will not be entered into a no-pay, no-points status due to an overdue PHA caused by the modified April UTA. The 512th Aerospace Medicine Squadron will reschedule missed PHAs and notify the member.

A9: All reservists, to include service employees, who are currently in a duty status (TR, IMA, ART, MPA, RPA, IDT or civilian travel orders) are subject to the Stop Movement for government funded Domestic Travel for DoD Components issued March 13, 2020.

The Secretary of Defense stop movement guidance applies to all forms of official travel such as permanent change of station, temporary duty, and government-funded leave for uniformed and civilian personnel and includes personal leave and other non-official travel for uniformed personnel. Level 3 locations currently include most of Europe, South Korea, China, and Iran.

A reservist who is not in status but is traveling from an area under the CDC’s Travel Health Notice Level 2 or 3, is required to be quarantined for 14 days, from the date of departure, before performing any military duty. More information on travel restrictions can be found here at

A10: For the purposes of ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions determinations, the local area for 512th AW reservists in status is the state of Delaware or 50 miles from your residence if you live outside the state. Local area for UTA lodging eligibility remains at 48 miles.

A11: DoD civilians and Air Reserve Technicians are authorized to telework if their chain of command has designated the member’s position as eligible for situational for regular telework. Check with your supervisor if you have any questions about your eligibility or if you need to accomplish a telework agreement.

A12: AGR service members may be authorized to telework if there’s a signed a military duty telework agreement and member has been approved by their supervisor through the chain of command. Check with your supervisor if you have any questions about your eligibility or if you need to accomplish a telework agreement.

A13: Members are always encouraged to access these resources for official wing information:
- Website at
- Social Media
o Facebook at 
o Instagram at
- Air Force Connect: Found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
- Wing’s Sharepoint at

Deploy / Redeploy Q&A

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A: Deployments are not cancelled, but SECDEF has ordered a stop movement for all OCONUS deployments with exceptions. Airmen will start deployment orders in accordance with their AF 938.  Airmen are still required to complete pre-deployment training and should confirm with the training POC that classes are still scheduled, prior to departure from home station. Airmen will return to home station at completion of training. Airmen will not proceed to deployed location until directed.

A: Mobilized Airman are still expected to return home at their TDY expiration date, unless there is a SECDEF approved extension. Airmen that have volunteered to deploy (12301d) have the option to extend in theater with Combatant Commander’s approval. Airmen that do not elect to extend will return at their TDY expiration date. All redeployers should expect travel delays upon return to CONUS.

A: Currently, there is no official directive to quarantine members before deploying. After members start their AF 938, they are required to clear medical screening prior to departure to the deployed location. Medical screening will determine if you need to be quarantined. Your quarantine location will be at the discretion of your unit commander.

A: Pre and Post-deployment medical screening will determine if an Airman needs to be quarantined.  Your quarantine location will be at the discretion of your unit commander.

A: No, the intent of quarantine is to prevent the spread of the disease.

A: ROM is required for all Airmen that have traveled through a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travel Health Notice (THN) Level 2 or 3 country via military or commercial means. Members will be placed in ROM at an appropriate location at the discretion of their commander for 14 days (beginning the day of departure from the Level 2 or 3 country).

A: Upon completion of ROM, Airmen will complete normal post deployment actions to include downtime and leave. Airmen must complete all processing action to include SHPE and TAP, but may elect to forfeit a part or all of their downtime after required in-processing action are complete. Additionally, Airmen have the option to forego (e.g., carryover, sell) earned leave. 

A: Airmen who test COVID-19 positive, will transition from a deployment order to a pre-MEDCON order. Members will continue to receive pay and benefits.

A: Any hardship requests initiated at the unit level, will require endorsement by the first GO in the chain of command and coordinated by the FGC for an “Exception to Policy” (ETP). ETPs are not guaranteed and must be approved by the Joint Staff DJ-3.

A: Orders should not end in theater due to Stop Movement. The Force Generation Center is currently monitoring all TDY expiration dates and coordinating with unit IPRs to extend orders in accordance with applicable laws and policy.

A: Family members are encouraged to stay in contact with Airmen, and are welcome to contact the unit’s commander or 1st Sgt to for up-to-date deployment and redeployment information.

A: Your Installation Deployment Readiness Center (IDRC) is your first resource for deployment/redeployment questions.  If they can’t answer your questions, contact the Force Generation Center (FGC) at DSN 497-0003.  You can also email questions to the applicable FGC workflow ( At any time, the FGC can be reached 24/7 by contacting the Battle Watch at DSN 497-1234 or through the workflow ( 

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