Freedom of Information Act Requests

The request must meet the following criteria before our office may take action:

Must be in writing (written request may be mailed, hand carried, or faxed)

  • Verbal requests are not permitted.
  • Must state a willingness to pay
  • Must reasonably describe the records requested If submitting your request electronically, use the Electronic Request Form found in the Links section below.


  • Privacy Act Requests (information on one's self) are not currently accepted electronically.
  • Air Force-affiliated requesters, to include military and civilian employees, should not use government equipment, supplies, stationery, postage, telephones or other official mail channels to make the FOIA request.

FOIA requests mailed to Dover AFB should be addressed:

436CS/SCXD (Attention Freedom of Information Office)
124 26th Street
Dover AFB, DE 19902-5124

FAX requests to (302) 677-4009.

FOIA requests may also be hand-carried to the FOIA office in Building 124. Should you need to contact us, call us at COMM (302) 677-3642. Air Force bases use a unit and standard office symbol system to sort and deliver mail. The office is the Alpha Code (i.e., LRS, DP) provided with personnel listings. You must include the address and FAS in the address of mail sent to Air Force bases.

Air Force directives prohibit the delivery of unofficial mass mailings (50 pieces or more from the same mailer on the same day). Repeated mailings of less than that to circumvent policy are also prohibited.


Freedom of Information Act Manager

(302) 677-3642

When sending FOIA request through e-mail, try to avoid using attachments. Please include all information directly in the e-mail. There are cases when the network firewall will strip attachments from the e-mail due to potential network security risks. dover.foia@dover.af.mil