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Mission Essential Levels

What do I do in case of inclement weather?

Reduced Operations Categories
(1) Emergency employees are those needed at work as scheduled regardless of the operational condition or weather situation. Typically, those are hospital employees, snow removal crews, telephone operators, boiler plant operators, food service workers, fire fighters, and others designated by commanders/division chiefs. It is important that Emergency employees clearly understand they must report for work as scheduled. Dover Air Force Base Emergency Services Identification Cards are issued to Emergency employees to allow them to drive to work even when roads are closed to normal traffic.

(2) Mission Essential Level 1 (MEL1) personnel provide indispensable services necessary for flight line operations and BCE support services.

(3) Mission Essential Level 2 (MEL2) personnel provide indispensable services necessary for non flight line operations.

(4) Mission Essential Level 3 (MEL3) personnel provide services that can be postponed until weather/operational conditions improve or change.

(5) Personnel in training/school on Dover AFB will normally be considered MEL3 unless recalled to work by their supervisors or training is terminated/suspended. In the latter event, personnel are responsible for contacting their workcenter supervisors.

For additional information during inclement weather, call (302) 677-BASE or 677-2273.

About Weather


This page features the latest information for weather preparedness and tracking from national, state and local resources.


DAFB Emergency MGMT

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Delaware State Police helicopter landing for the 2017 community preparedness day with Dover EM
Dover AFB Emergency Management conducted an exercise today to maintain and perfect skills for all hazards response.
Stay prepared make sure you have a go kit ready! See what you may need at ready.gov
We had and absolute blast yesterday! Thank you to our installation and community partners.
Our partners at DEMA published their Year in Review. The first pages outline the severe weather we've experienced. If you haven't taken steps to prepare your household, please let this be your eye-opener and do so today! Delaware Emergency Management Agency, Prepare Delaware
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Local information is available through the following outlets:

DAFB Commander's Channel 24 
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WJBR 99.5 FM
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WILM 1410 AM
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  92.9 FM
  93.5 FM
  900 AM
Statewide Traffic Alerts 1380 AM
Base Information Line (302) 677-BASE